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Here are a few ways marijuana use could affect you: Criminal charges. Marijuana laws can be confusing. For example a state might allow people to have a small amount of marijuana with a doctor’s prescription ? but the same state’s laws make it illegal to buy sell or grow it. ´╗┐international Cannabinoid Research Society career problems. People charged under marijuana […]

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I’m not sure how long it stays fresh after being baked but I’m sure it was at least a couple days old because of shipping. I think it’s super-cool that a medical marijuana dispensary is offering alternative products for people in states that don’t have medical pot access. And it’s even cooler than they’re making these products vegan. View abstract. […]

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These areas influence memory concentration pleasure coordination sensory and time perception.1 Therefore these functions are most adversely Hemp Oil Cures Cancer Snopes affected by marijuana use. Marijuana’s strength is correlated to the amount of THC it ´╗┐international cannabinoid research society contains and the effects on the user depend on the strength or potency of the THC. Hemp Oil Cures Cancer […]